The Online Hearing Assessment includes a short questionnaire followed by an audio test to measure how well you hear and your attitudes toward hearing.

Please keep in mind that this assessment service is just one way to check your hearing. Different methods can give different results, and if you’re worried about any aspect of your hearing, it’s worth booking in for a personal assessment with a professional audiologist.

This assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Can I take the assessment?
If you want to measure your hearing, you should take the assessment. However, it is not suitable for people who wear hearing aids or are fitted with a cochlear implant.
Before you start make sure:
  • You are in a quiet room
  • The volume on your device is on
  • Your headphones/earbuds are working

The test will be more accurate if you use headphones or earbuds!

Check your volume levels
The test works best with headphones or earbuds, but if you do not have these, please make sure the volume on your speakers is turned up to a comfortable hearing level. Press play and adjust the volume on your computer, phone or tablet.
Personal details
Okay, you are ready to go.
This assessment is just one way to measure your hearing, and different methods can give different results. If you are concerned about your hearing, please consult your doctor or visit an Australian Hearing centre to speak with an audiologist. The results generated by this report will be retained for research purposes in accordance with Australian Hearing’s Privacy Policy